Everyone watched “Mr. Bean” – English comedy television series about the life of a very charismatic Mr. Bean, who is struggling with everyday household problems, but it all turns uot so ridiculous and absurd and often ends very badly …Mr Bean has become so loved, that the audience began to involuntarily identify this fictional character with British comedian Rowan Atkinson.

The actor, Rowan Sebastian Atkinson, in life – extremely mannered, calm and balanced person.

He received elementary education in quite a prestigious school, where one of his classmates was Tony Blair.After school, Rowan continued education in the universities of Newcastle and Oxford. And he received his degree – electrical engineer … But while studying at university, Rowan took active part in student theater productions. His partner was Richard Curtis – future producer with whom Rowan Atkinson is working.

Curtis recalls that when he first saw Rowan in rehearsal – that was awkward, curly-haired guy who, moreover, he strongly stammered and looked terribly embarrassed. However, he was given a small role – a short monologue mimic scenes. And Rowan did a great job!